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9 May, 2023 by
Antoine Ravel

Identity and challenges

TAAROA has always been dedicated to developing high-quality foils, starting with the release of their SWORD, NOE, and UP ranges, thanks in part to their production facility: 3MB.

It comes as no surprise that Decathlon has decided to partner with TAAROA for the co-development of a new Tribord x Taaroa foil. This partnership goes even further as it allows us to offer a distribution that matches the quality of our products, with the introduction of our ranges on Decathlon's marketplace.

However, it's important to note that Taaroa remains committed to its core values of pursuing performance. Taaroa is excited to announce the release of two new ranges, SWITCH, and SWORD, compatible with the Tribord x Taaroa foil, aiming to make performance accessible to all.


The Marketplace in numbers

200 Millions
Country reached

The key role of stores

At Taaroa, we have always believed in the key role of stores. With the newfound visibility provided by the Décathlon Marketplace, we have envisioned an innovative, transparent, and virtuous ecosystem called TAAROA 2.0, which includes our partnership with Décathlon and the distribution of our ranges in local stores.

Customers benefits

  • Local product testing
  • Expert advice and expertise
  • Local after sale service
  • Compatibility across product ranges

Benefits for stores

  • Additional sales volume
  • Upsell from Decathlon products
  • Low stock investment
  • Easy accounting and logistic

Want to join the adventure and become partner? 

If you are a storeclub, or opinion leader and would like to join the TAAROA 2.0 program, please contact our sales teams.

Antoine Ravel 9 May, 2023
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