We develop various applications following logical development steps and adding additional layers of complexity as we move towards full automation and autonomous vehicles.

01. Water sports

iUp by TAAROA. The first hydrofoil powered by artificial intelligence.

Opening a new dimension into water sports with the most powerful surfing hydrofoil.

The  iUP  is a  hydrofoil designed for surf sports equipped with a variety of sensors and our Autopilot. Our patented actuated hydrofoil technology is integrated into the foil as well. The iUP is designed to  make foiling surf sports more accessible and performance- oriented.

The iUP enables us to strengthen our Autopilot in various marine  weather conditions, and enable us to work on next-level systems...

02. Recreational boating

Foil intelligence. Control and command systems for recreational foil boats.

No need to be a talented skipper  to control a foiling boat. We create tailored flight control systems for foiling boats (electric-powered or sailing boats), guaranteeing a smooth ride, efficiency and performance in all conditions. 

Our flight control systems for foiling boats relies on the same technology than our surf sport hydrofoil, boosted with additional sensors and additional Autopilot features.

It enables a shift towards electric propulsion for boats and contributes in reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry.

Building flight control systems for foiling boats enables us to understand the dynamics of a boat equipped with foils, and pave the way for full automation...

03. Autonomous transportation

Connect cities with fleets of regional electric-powered, automated, and connected hydrofoil water shuttles.

This old yet new mobility vector is driving the shift to sustainable, accessible maritime transportation, and answering the need to reduce pressure on existing city infrastructure.

Automated fleets of hydrofoil water shuttles contribute to the shift towards more local and sustainable mobility vectors.  This can create a solution for cities in adjusting to demographic expansion and evolving consumer h abits, and help drive the millennium development goals by making inland trade more accessible and sustainable.

Low cost

Low cost by design

Extremely efficient

Easy to maintain and repair locally

Safe & sustainable

Small = less risk

Zero emission

No waves = no erosion

Easily deployable

No need for complex infrastructure

Automated and fast

Operated through cellular network


Fleet management platform enabling easy scheduling & booking

Integrates seamlessly with existing logistics chains

Create micro-hubs connected with water shuttles, guaranteeing low transportation costs and faster delivery from hub to hub, without the need for costly port infrastructure.

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