TAAROA 2.0 - Become a partner
An inclusive and innovative distribution system.
9 May, 2023 by
TAAROA 2.0 - Become a partner
Antoine Ravel

Identity and partnerships

TAAROA has always been a brand focused on developing high-quality foils, notably with its 3MB production factory.

Thanks to its recent collaboration with Tribord to offer an accessible product, TAAROA has segmented its offerings and focuses on premium foils to make performance accessible.

The upcoming strong exposure from this partnership with Decathlon allows TAAROA to showcase its expertise and enhance its distribution through access to the Decathlon marketplace.


200 M
Marketplace visitors in France
Country reached by the Marketplace

Ranges and distribution

TAAROA introduces two new ranges, SWITCH and SWORD, which offer highigh performing products compatible with the Tribord x Taaroa foil.

In this context, TAAROA has devised an innovative and inclusive distribution system called TAAROA 2.0. The system is based on direct sales through its website and the powerful Decathlon marketplace.

TAAROA's partner stores benefit from commissions on all sales made in-store and online (website and marketplace) within a designated geographic area. In exchange, they commit to showcasing the range, providing advice, promoting the products, and offering after-sales service.


With the introduction of TAAROA 2.0, the benefits multiply for both the end customer and the partner store. In a competitive market where pre-ordering, volume, and seasonal obsolescence are commonplace, this model allows TAAROA to fully focus on product development and quality marketing. This strengthens the relationship with partner stores, providing them with new volume opportunities and reinforcing their role in the local community.

By managing public sale prices, TAAROA eliminates price wars among resellers, ensuring fair and consistent business operations. This model emphasizes advisory services and customer support, highlighting the partner network and catering to a diverse clientele. As a result, it delivers a consistent and high-quality experience, whether for beginners or experts.

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TAAROA 2.0 - Become a partner
Antoine Ravel 9 May, 2023
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